V2 Cigs Coupons For Vaping Couples

v2 cigs review 27 V2 Cigs Coupons For Vaping Couples

Are you and your spouse/partner/significant other both smokers? Well if you two are, then it’s time to switch to electronic cigarettes. You should read our last article and see for yourself that electronic cigarettes will be better for your health and your lifestyle. It’s time to switch especially now that V2 cigs, America’s number one electronic cigarette, is offering 15% off their V2 Couples Kit and 31% off their Ultimate Kit by using V2 electronic cigarette coupons. V2 electronic cigarettes has been around since 2008 and had been offering high quality products, awesome flavors and superb customer service for vapers around the world. it’s been dominating the Ecig industry for years now and it is a perfect place to start vaping.

V2 Couple Kit

As the name implies, it was designed for couples, because vaping should be lovingly shared and enjoyed together, inspiring domestic bliss and empowering each other to change the toxic addiction of traditional cigarettes and switch to a better one which is electronic cigarettes. The Couple’s Kit contains exactly what you both want and need to start a great vaping experience.

4 five pack of V2 cigs flavor cartridges (your choice of flavors)
4 Ecig batteries
2 USB Chargers
2 Wall Chargers
2 Car Adapters

As you can see, it contains everything you both could want or need, doubled up! And neither of you will be venturing into the other’s stuff if you’re out of a battery due to charging or having run out of power since there are 4 batteries in this kit! Also, having three different charging options, for both of you, adds to the convenience and versatility of this starter kit package. What makes this starter kit even more fantastic is that you get all of these products for an unbelievable price of $114.95. Using the V2 cigs coupon we mentioned above, the price will be lowered to $100!

V2 Ultimate Kit

The V2 Ultimate Kit is the most awesome kit in the industry for those who wants to stock on their vaping supplies but V2 Ultimate Kit has so much in it that it can also be share with your spouse/partner/significant. And the 31% off V2 Cigs Coupons we’ve mentioned above is the biggest discount V2 cigs had offered so you need to take advantage of it. The V2 Ultimate Kit includes:

5 five pack of V2 cigs flavor cartridges (your choice of flavors)
3 Ecig batteries
1 Carrying Case
1 Portable Charging Case
1 USB Chargers
1 Wall Chargers
1 Car Adapters
1 Power Cig
1 Lanyard

If you and your significant other want to make the switch to vaping together, or if you want to make vaping convenient for both of you, the V2 Couples Kit and V2 Ultimate Kit is the way to do it! And, if you happen to know another couple who would benefit from the wonders of e-cigarettes, this kit makes an amazing gift! So share it to them too and share the love!



Health Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

quit smoking Health Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

So you obviously know that traditional tobacco cigarettes are pretty bad for you, but are you aware of all the different ways they cause harm to the body? They can not only cause a myriad of different deadly diseases, which can kill you, but the negative health effects they can cause that impede your daily quality of life and enjoyment of it are also quite numerous. Read on to learn about the many ways tobacco cigarettes can mess with your health, and how the body recovers itself once you get the tobacco out of your life.

The Heart
This is one of the most common organs to get affected by cigarette smoke. Tobacco causes heart disease, which ultimately can lead to your demise. When you stop smoking cigarettes, within 12 months your risk of acquiring heart disease gets cut in half.

The Lungs
Cigarette smoking causes immense damage to the lungs, destroying cilia and causing carcinogenic tar to build up, making way for diseases as lung cancer, emphysema, pneumonia, and chronic bronchitis. However when you stop smoking cigarettes entirely, within 12 weeks your lungs regain the ability to clean themselves, and around that same time frame their overall functioning begins to improve.

The Brain
It is proven that smokers are more likely to get brain tumors as well as sickness that are related to brain such as Alzheimer Disease and Meningitis.

The Mouth
Other effects of cigarette smoking can take a toll on the mouth including the teeth. Smokers often have chapped lips which can even be worse and turn into bleeding lips. Teeth will also be yellow and tartar will be formed whic can be a cause of many oral disease.

The good news is that, the human body has an amazing ability regenerate, and as quickly as 8 hours since your last cigarette, your system will begin to recover. In just 8 hours time, the body flushes out the excess carbon monoxide from the blood. Within just 1 week, your sense of smell and taste will improve. So quit smoking today and switch to a better alternative which is electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices that looks and feels like traditional cigarettes but it does not contain tobacco, produce tar, or contain any of the additional chemical toxins that traditional cigarettes have.

While it isn’t easy, switching to electronic cigarettes, it can really make your life more pleasant so with a little discipline and effort, you’ll be vaping in no time.